Funeral Services & End of Life Celebrations

You’ve lost someone who means the world to you and life feels really heavy and hard right now.

An end of life celebration is an upbeat way to honour and celebrate your lost loved one. With a personalised script focussing on an amazing life lived (rather than dwelling on the obvious), this is your opportunity to share your happy memories full of love, laughter and sincerity.

Wimmera Funeral Celebrant 

the vibe:

  • Pricing includes travel within 150km of Kiata, VIC
  • Additional travel fees will be quoted upon enquiry
  • Limited availability

non-traditional funeral ceremony

 End of Life celebrations include:
✓Creation of a personalised script celebrating your loved one’s life
✓ Delivery on the day
✓Meeting (in person or Zoom) to talk through ceremony options and to chat about your loved one (their life, their personality and your happy memories of them)
✓Communication by email & phone to perfect the script

respectful celebration, non-religious & meaningful

The alternative to traditional funeral ceremonies. Sharing happy memories full of love, laughter & sincerity.

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price: $1500

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"You are an amazing and strong person Becky. It was not hard to decide we wanted you to do the celebration of life ceremony, and now knowing it was the first funeral you had attended since your Dad’s I am so amazed by your talents. You were born to do this job, thank you so much."


"Hi Becky, thank you so much…the amount of compliments I have had on how lovely David’s service has been huge. You certainly made a very hard day exactly what we wanted, to give David the celebration he deserved."


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